WhatsPRO – Google Chrome Extension

Send mass messages for whatsapp to your clients in a personalized way.


100% money back guarantee.

Secure payment

Custom message fields:

Export your contacts from excel or Google Sheets in csv format

Example of a personalized message:

Dear [name]
I greet you from school [field3], I am writing to inform you of your qualification [field6] of the subject of [field5] of the course of [field4].
Your next [field7] exam.
Attached schedule of exams in image format.
Greetings [name]

WhatsPRO – WhatsApp Bulk Message

  • Import name, phone numbers and custom fields from a CV
  • Personalized message, according to the custom fields.
  • Add emojis in the message.
  • format your messages, Italic, Bold, Strikethrough, Monospace
  • Attach WhatsApp Contacts.
  • Attach image, video and audio.
  • Attach PDF, ZIP, RAR and other files.
  • Add description of the attachment.
  • Program delay time between one message and another.
  • Prepare button to check errors.
  • Preview shipment report.

Works with google chrome browser and whatsapp web.

WhatsApp Contacts Extractor

  • Save all numbers from Groups list
  • One click to download contacts (Name and Number)
  • Excel sheet (.csv) file
  • Save all numbers from Contacts list
  • Save all numbers from Chats list (NEW)
  • See numbers before exporting


100% money back guarantee.

Secure payment

Can I use several WhatsApp numbers?

Yes, you just have to connect your phone to whatsapp web, scanning the QR code.

Can I install on multiple computers at home or work?

Yes, the extension is associated with your Gmail or Gsuite account, you just have to log in with your email in Google Chrome.

How many contacts can I send?

The extension is capable of working 24/7, if you are concerned about crashes I suggest you check the warning session.

How can I install the extension?

1.- You only have to log into Google Chrome with your gmail or gsuite email account, which is associated with the extension.

2.- Install from the links that we propose when activating.

3.- Delete the free version of whatsweb and other similar extensions of whatsapp. In order to avoid conflicts in the extension

How to use the whatspro extension?

At the time of payment, the hotmart platform will send you an access to video tutorials in Spanish or you can visit our YouTube channel, if you speak another language it is recommended to use subtitles.


How long does the subscription last?

49 USD for 1 year.

How can I avoid whatsapp crashes? How does your product work?

The extension works 24 hours, the problem is that you send to unknown numbers that are not your clients and they report you as spam on whatsapp.

When several strangers report you as spam, you run the risk of whatsapp suspending your account for 90 days. This not only happens with the extension, it can also happen when you send manually from your mobile or computer.

If you send your clients, students or known users, they will reply a message, this message is generally to thank you or ask questions, which is very good and generates an interaction.

Support and Help: creativoslat@gmail.com

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